paulfcook writes, produces and remixes using acoustic and electronic instruments and field recordings. He plays with the Skylon and the duo Fenco. He has been featured on Tom Robinson's 6Music show, the Mixtape, Elizabeth Alker's BBC Radio 3 show Unclassified, Exile FM's Monday Night Ride Out & Trust The Doc radio shows and Nelson Can's 'Solo Desire Vol.3' remix project. 

paulfcook writes across different styles from pop, electronic/EDM and ambient and looks for opportunities to collaborate with other artists as has done this with Project Blackbird, writer and broadcaster Rhidian Brook, and most recently with Skylon. 

The band Skylon is a musical collaboration between Dorothy Bird, paulfcook and Luke Moore and their 'Postcards' EP is the culmination of a year of remote recording between London, Liverpool and Berlin. They have been played on Tom Robinson's BBC Introducing mixtape, Dave Monks BBC Introducing Merseyside, Gary Reddin's Mersey Radio show and ExileFM shows TrustTheDoc and the Monday Night Ride Out. See more on the Skylon website

'Keeping Watch' the first release from a forthcoming EP 'The Fragile Brain', which features tracks written in the wake of my Father's death in April this year from from vascular dementia. and was inspired by my time sitting by his hospital bed in the days before he died. He was very peaceful, in no pain, and looked more like he had slipped into a deep, restful sleep.  

It was written and played on a Gretsch Resonator which I bought from a shop in the town where the hospital was located and also features midi-flute. Any profits made from this track, or the EP, will be donated to Dementia UK

This Is No Rehearsal: this came about when I found a cheap plastic, no-name, made-in-China, keyboard (the kind of thing you find in a pound shop) in the house of a family member who had died. Its basic drumbeats, and wonky keyboard sounds formed the basis of the song.

Their death, and slight reclusive tendancies, reminded me of something I read years ago where a palliative nurse in Australia had listed the top five regrets people had when they were close to death. Unsurprisingly they included ‘I wish I hadn't worked so hard’, ‘I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends’ and ‘I wish that I had let myself be happier’. “This is no rehearsal make the most of your life”