A selection of paulfcook tracks plus collaborations and remixes

' I Used to Sleep Through Everything' for Nelson Can's Solo Desire: Remixed Together / 'Blues Man' played on Tom Robinson's Saturday night show

'Soap, Lemons, Paracetamol' a collaboration with author Rhidian Brook 'Mater Gloria' played on Elizabeth Alker's Radio 3 show Unclassified

Skylon is a new collaboration with composer and cellist Luke Moore and singer/keyboard player. 'Why Wait' is the first track from a forthcoming EP

A set of six ambient tracks that I hope will transport the listener to another place. 'I' was the starting point which led into writing the other five tracks. They include, amongst other things, time-stretched vocals on 'III', Omnichord on 'V' and eBow on 'VI'.

Tales of the Expected is a collaboration between paulfcook, Project Blackbird's Ming Nagel & Jon Read & Sleeper drummer Andy Maclure. paulfcook composed the backing track, Ming & Jon added vocals & flugelhorn, Andy added the drum track. Also featured on Tom Robinson's Mixtape and Saturday night show.

Listen to Project Blackbird's music here

Fenco are Rebecca Fenton - Vocals / paulfcook  - Guitar, Backing Vocals

More music and information on the Fenco website